Fall 2014

November 14th 2014,

Happy Autumn. We’ve had a good last couple of months with Brandon getting another win and Joe putting on  beautiul display of Muay Thai in an exhibiton match after his Title Fight opponent chickened out.

We should have some State Title Belts coming back to Jacksonville Muay Thai next year.

Sean and I leave next week for Sitsongpeenong Camp in Bangkok Thailand for just over 2 weeks of intense training. Follow our progress on Facebook as I’ll be posting a Blog and lots of video clips of us training and hopefully some of the current champions at the camp training.


While I’m gone Brandon will be running things and teaching the majority of classes with help from Joe and Justin.

Thanksgiving Week we’ll be closed Wednesday th 26th, Thursday the 27th, Friday the 28th and Saturday the 29th.

Everything is back to normal the week of December 1st.

From here forwards the Saturday 9am Strength & Conditioning Class is cancelled. We’ll be reworking the schedule for the New Year and adding more classes. Any input or suggestions on the new schedule are appreciated.

Train hard while I’m gone and I’m sure I’ll have lots of great training tips when I return.

Kob Kun Mak

Kru Giles

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A Successful Fourth Annual Kru Ray Seminar & Party

On Saturday September 13th we had a packed house for the fourth annual Kru Ray Khanomtom Seminar.

We started with some long rounds of jump rope then shadow boxing (dtoi lom). Then, much to some people’s suprise we did 5 rounds of Len Chern (technical sparring) with no gloves or shin pads – now you know why we evade instead of check whenever we can :).

Then Kru Ray discussed the rythm of a fight and we worked 5 pad rounds – initially light and evasive, then harder with checks and counters, then finally looking for catches and off-balancing or dumps.

Next we worked clinch and some cool elbow techniques – fortunately everyone exhibited good control so there were no blood stains on the mats or trips to the hospital.

Finally, it was conditioning time and a teeny little taste of what a professional Thai fighter goes through daily.

We finished with a Q &A session with Kru Ray that actually turned out to be a lot of peoples favorite part of the seminar as he provided some insight into training and fighting in Thailand.

Then, it was home for a shower and quick rest before returning to the Gym to enjoy delicious vegan Thai food from Buddha Belly and Chang Beer then next door to watch the Mayweather fight.

In all a fantastic day with good friends and our Jacksonville Muay Thai Family!

Sawadee Krap , Kru Giles

4th annual kru ray seminar


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4th Annual Kru Ray Khanomtom Seminar

Kru Ray

I’m proud to announce that on September 13th 12-4pm – we will be hosting our 4th annual Kru ray Seminar!

Widely recognized by his peers as the top Pro Muay Thai Trainer in Florida – Kru Ray will take your skills to a whole new level.

If you love Muay Thai you can’t afford to miss this seminar.

Only $60 if you sign up by the end of August otherwise $80 – if there’s any spaces left.

That same evening 6pm will be the Jacksonville Muay Thai Anniversary Party – bring friends and family for lots of fun!

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We are Jacksonville Muay Thai

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Ajahn Suchart Seminar at Tampa Muay Thai

ajahn suchart

On March 29th a group of us headed across to our sister school, Tampa Muay Thai, for a seminar with Ajahn Suchart from Siam #1 Gym in Toronto. For those of you not familiar with Ajahn he was a champion with over 200 fights in Thailand and has been producing champions in Canada for the last 20 years. His current World Champions include the unbeaten Simon Marcus and Matt Embree.

The seminar focused on Muay Thai fundamentals and the importance of having a strong foundation before you can build your Muay Thai. It was also very interesting listening to Ajahn talk about the history of Muay Boran and Thai Boxing, and the importance of keeping Muay Thai authentic and pure so as to not dilute it or disrespect it!

With that being said we will implement some changes at Jacksonville Muay Thai – everyone must please wear Thai Shorts by next month – this is our uniform and part of our heritage (plus they show off your legs and make your kicks more powerful). Please speak to me or one of the other instructors if you need help.

We will also get back to the martial root of Muay Thai and include a few minutes of Self-Defense applications of Muay Thai techniques in most classes.

Further, I will expand the History and Culture aspect of the website and include more Thai terminology in class.

Sawadee Krap

Kru Giles





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Walker ‘The Kid’ Vivian at Jacksonville Muay Thai

Walker Pic

We’re really happy to announce that Waker ‘The Kid’ Vivian is now part of the Jacksonville Muay Thai team and family.

Walker started Muay Thai 6 years ago under former World Champion Kru Maurice Travis and has over 10 Muay Thai fights including 2 in Thailand (plus 15 MMA fights).

Walker is training hard for an upcoming trip to Thailand and his pro-debut in Muay Thai this Spring.

He is available for Private Sessions and is a great pad-holder, plus you’ll see him helping out with classes.

Contact Kru Giles (904 864-7343) for more information and to book your session with ‘The Kid’.

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It’s January and we have many new people starting Muay Thai and we have some old members returning after a few months off.

When you train in Muay Thai you have to expect some pain, but it’s important to distinguish between normal muscle soreness or bruises, and pain that is a warning sign that something more serious may be amiss.

But, before we get started let me remind you that if you’re serious about your Muay Thai training you can work around most painful issues and it doesn’t need to stop your training. In the past; if my foot was broken I worked hands and elbows, if my right thumb was broken I worked my left hand, knees and kicks. Remember Muay Thai is the Art of Eight Limbs – that means if one limb in injured you have 7 others!

If you love Muay Thai and it’s part of your life you very rarely have to totally stop training for any length of time.

Muscle Soreness:When you’re training hard or starting something new exercise routine you can guarantee some muscle soreness. Muscle soreness or DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) will normally present the day after your training session and be at it’s worst at about 48 hours post workout. Note, the key phrase is ‘muscle soreness’ not joint soreness!

You can minimize DOMS by warming up well at the beginning of your training session, then cooling down and stretching at the end of your session.

After your workout make sure you,drink lots of water and I’d recommend either an Epsom Salts Bath (fill the tub with very hot water and pour in some Epsom Salts and soak), or a contrast shower (direct very hot water over your muscles for a period then switch to ice cold water – continue to alternate).

Before you go to sleep that night use a Magnesium supplement as this can help relax sore and tight muscles – my favorite is CALM by Peter Radner – it’s a powder that you mix in some boiling water and drink.

The next day use Thai Liniment to rub sore and tight muscles, and rather than sitting on your couch feeling sorry for yourself make sure you exercise and stretch.

I also highly recommend becoming very proficient at self-massage and trigger point therapy with  Lacrosse Balls, a Foam Roller, and a Rolling Stick (refer to 5-Minute Flexibility by Giles Wiley :) for more information on how to use these tools to release muscle soreness).

Bruises and Contusions: Bruises and contusions – you can definitely expect shin bruises when you start training Muay Thai and thigh bruises once you start sparring.

If you’ve had a heavy training session where you know you’ve bruised yourself apply an ice-pack on the area and elevate it.

When it’s been a particularly heavy sparring session I’ll even do an ice-bath (as unpleasant as it is). There’s also a great company here in Jax that sells a product that combines icing and compression – check out (http://110playharder.com).

Even though you may use ice directly after the training session the following day you’ll want to start using heat-treatment.

Heat treatment is a favorite in Thailand for bumps and bruises on the shins and thigh. The technique they use is: fill a bowl with almost boiling water – soak a towel in it and rub downwards over the bruise – repeat until the water cools down, remember to push downwards away from the heart.

There’s also a few products that help with bruising and swelling:

1) Arnica is the classic – I use the gel and the tablets (get the strongest dose you can).

2) Tufbruise from our friend Dan at Tufmed in Tampa (www.tufmed.com).

3) White Cider Vinegar – apply to the sore area as often as possible.

4) Traumeel – I’ve heard great things about this product but have yet to try it

5) Physio-tape – you’ll need to see a good sports physical therapist to get taped but I’ve had this done before to help with swollen thighs and deep bruising from heavy sparring and it gets amazing results (try Chris Kopp at Premier Physical Therapy on Beach Blvd – he’s great).

Joint pain: Joint pain is a different animal but again it’s important to distinguish between a structural issue such as a torn ligament etc or just some swelling and inflammation in the joint, or a bruise on the surface of the joint such as bruised kneecap or elbow from sparring.

Start by icing, elevating, and resting any sore joint and taking a NSAID such as Ibuprofen.

If you feel unsure of diagnosing any joint pain yourself I’d suggest you see a good sports physical therapist (see Chris at Premier Physical Therapy) before your regular doctor.

Also, if you continually have joint pain such as a sore shoulder or knee it generally means you have a structural misalignment that can often be corrected with prescribed exercises and stretching. I always use the analogy of the tires on your car wearing out quickly if your steering is misaligned or out of balance.  Learn how to use the Lacrosse Balls and Foam Roller and focus on balance in your supplemental exercise routine – if you perform a pushing exercise you’d better perform a pulling exercise, if you perform an exercise where you band forwards then please perform an exercise where you bend backwards.

Often joint pain is a warning sign that your technique is incorrect. If you perform martial arts with correct body mechanics there should be very little stress on the body, the same applies to conditioning exercises. Speak to your instructor if you suffer from persistent joint pain.

In conclusion, if you want to get good at Muay Thai consistency in training is much more important than natural talent or any ‘top secret’ training technique. I’ve never been athletically gifted, I’ve never found anything in Muay Thai comes easily to me, but I’ve stuck at it for so much longer than the guys who were naturally talented that I’ve got better and better. In fact, over the last 25 years I can hardly remember a day that I woke up and wasn’t sore in some way but I still found a way to train. And, frankly that’s the key – train every day in some way, even if you’re sore! As time goes by you’ll find ways to control the pain and discomfort but never wish for no discomfort BECAUSE DISCOMFORT MEANS GROWTH, DISCOMFORT MEANS YOUR PUSHING FORWARDS AND PROGRESSING!

Sawadee Krap , Kru Giles

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Battle of Siam

Battle of SiamWe’re off to Battle again! This Sunday in Daytona – Brandon and Trae are fighting on Battle of Siam. Come out and support your team-mates. These are really fun and exciting events. Numerous people are driving down so contact me if you need a ride and remember to purchase your tickets ahead of time from Elitemuaythai.com

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Get Ready for a Great 2014 at Jacksonville Muay Thai

Jacksonville Muay Thai Family

Jacksonville Muay Thai Family 

Jacksonville Muay Thai has been open an amazing 6 months and it’s been quite the ride.

We’ve seen students lose weight, get into great shape, gain self confidence, develop Muay Thai skills and have their first fights!

2014 is set to be a momentous year with 2 sets of fights already scheduled for January, new classes added to the schedule, seminars planned and many other fun events!

Thank you for all of your support in 2013 and let’s make next year incredible!

Giles, Denise, Sabine, Lizzy, Brandon and Josh

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Kru Ray Seminar this Saturday + Grand Opening Party!

Kru Ray Seminar this Saturday + Grand Opening Party!

Kru Ray Seminar this Saturday + Grand Opening Party!
This is a rare opportunity to train with the of the countries top instructors of Authentic Muay Thai (12-4).
Grand Opening Party of Jacksonville Muay Thai 6pm – Thai Food provided by Buddha Thai Bistro!

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November 14, 2013 · 11:32 pm