Adult Muay Thai Classes

All Levels Muay Thai:

Open to all JMT Students over 15. These classes focus on the all important Muay Thai fundamentals while improving fitness, flexibility, and functional strength. Expect to learn a lot and have plenty of fun while being challenged to expand your comfort zone.


Women’s Only Muay Thai:

Learn to kick butt with a supportive group of like minded women.



Glory Style Kickboxing:

Open to all JMT students this is not your average cardio kickboxing class. This class stays true to our technical Muay Thai roots but follows the rules of Glory Style Kickboxing. Expect lots more punch combinations and a much faster pace of action.



Reality Muay Thai:

Open to all JMT students over 15. Long before it was a ring sport Muay Thai was used on the battlefield. In this class we delve into some of the techniques inherent in Muay Thai but not allowed in the sports arena.



Sparring (Level 3 Thai Student and above only):

Time to put your training together and test your offense and defense in a smart controlled manner with other high level students.


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