If you are interested in trying out Jax Muay Thai please phone to set up your FREE Private 1-1 Session with one of our qualified instructors


New students with no previous Muay Thai training will only be allowed to attend Foundation Level Classes for the first 6 months.

 Muay Thai Fundamentals:

A fun class for Muay Thai beginners or those who want to hone their all-important basic skills. In each class we’ll focus on one  or two fundamental technique.

All-Levels Muay Thai:

A technically challenging and physically demanding class. Suggested for students with a few months training under their belts and for all advanced students as well.

Advanced Muay Thai (Level 3 Student and above only):

Dynamic and challenging classes that teach authentic Muay Thai. These classes are open to all members who have completed the 6 months Foundation Course.

Hump Day Blast: 

A fun Wednesday evening class with National Champion – The Aztec Warrior – Coach Ricardo Cortes.

This will be an All-Levels Muay Thai Class with a heavy emphasis on Conditioning and fun! Expect bag and pad rounds plus Kettle-bells, Battle- ropes, Tires & sledge hammers, pumping music and so much more. 

Functional Flexibility Class with Hilly 

You’ve asked and we’ve listened. Our amazing resident professional dancer Hilly Bodin will be starting a Wednesday morning Functional Flexibility Class. This class will not only improve your flexibility and functional strength but also make you faster and more agile, plus reduce, or help eliminate injuries associated with martial arts training.

Due to the highly specialized nature of this class there will be a $5 class fee for members and $15 for non-members. (Please dress appropriately for flexibility work).

Teen Muay Thai (12-16 year olds)

Junior Muay Thai (kids):

Fun-filled, dynamic classes that teach kids a powerful effective martial art and the respect, confidence and self-control that go hand-in-hand with it.

Mini Muay Thai (ages 3-6):

Start them young; improve their focus, coordination, all while having fun.

TEAM TRAINING (Level 3 Student and above only)

A class designed for those who want to compete,or  take their skills to the highest level possible.

Junior Team – Wednesday 5.45-6.45pm (Level 3 & above or invitation only)

A new class for our Juniors Nak Muay (under 17).

This hour long class will take their fitness, speed, strength and skills to the level need to compete on the National and eventually International Stage.

NOTE: Kids will need JMT approved chest protector, head gear, shin pads and gloves for the second month of these classes (please speak to Kru Giles to order).

Adult Team  

(Level 3 Student and above only ) – Monday and Friday mornings 8-9.30am, Tuesday & Thursday evenings 7.30-9.30pm. Approved sparring gear is required for these sessions. 16oz gloves and approved Thai shin pads (please don’t buy inferior quality gear as it puts your team mates at risk),

Please Note the Specified Levels for each class on the schedule. We follow a structured system of progression that has proven to get results and minimize injuries. If you wish to learn more about testing and the JMT curriculum please talk to the JMT Coaching team.