If you are interested in trying out Jax Muay Thai please phone to set up your FREE Private 1-1 Session with one of our qualified instructors

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New students with no previous Muay Thai training will only be allowed to attend Foundation Level Classes for the first 6 months.

 Muay Thai Fundamentals:

A fun class for Muay Thai beginners or those who want to hone their all-important basic skills. In each class we’ll focus on one  or two fundamental technique.

Advanced Muay Thai:

Dynamic and challenging classes that teach authentic Muay Thai. These classes are open to all members who have completed the 6 months Foundation Course.

Boxing for Muay Thai Fundamentals: 

Discover the how the Sweet Science adds to The Art of Eight Limbs in this dynamic class that teaches the fundamentals of boxing and how they can be applied to Muay Thai.

Advanced Boxing:

For students who have received permission to try their boxing skills out in the ring with fellow class mates.

Muay Kao: 

Learn the art of Muay Thai grappling, knee strikes and elbows. For students who have completed the 6 month Foundation Course.

Sparring (Level One and above only):

For more advanced Muay Thai students who want to learn how to apply the skills they’ve developed on the pads and bags.  Instructor permission required to attend.

MT Power Hour:

A fantastic fitness workout. Set up as a circuit, this class combines strength and conditioning with Muay Thai drills.

Junior Muay Thai (kids):

Fun-filled, dynamic classes that teach kids a powerful effective martial art and the respect, confidence and self-control that go hand-in-hand with it.

Mini Muay Thai (ages 3-6):

Start them young; improve their focus, coordination, all while having fun.