Inner Warrior Classes


Discover the science of meditation, as you’re given valuable tools to learn about deeper states of your mind. No Religious background is required, and the less you know about meditation, the better your meditation will be. In class we will cover many different types of meditation ranging from Hindu, yogic, Buddhist, Sufi, and various western concepts of meditation. Meditation is a wonderful tool for total mind and body relaxation.


Functional Flexibility:

This class focuses on the mental and physical awareness of the body through strengthening, lengthening, and proper stretching of the joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and fascia. The goal for this class is to not only be more flexible, but to broaden our understanding of the physical mechanics of the body, injury prevention, overall mobility for the practitioner of all ages, and LONGEVITY.

Hilly Bodin is a classically trained professional dancer, instructor and choreographer. Her speciality is incorporating some of the fundamental balance and stability exercises of a ballet dancer with the movements of Muay Boran, “ancient boxing,” that we experience in condensed forms within the Muay Thai classes.


*Private lessons with Hilly are available on weekends.




Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means to “unite”. In this class we learn how to unite the body with the mind, bringing them in harmony with each other, so that we may become more complete human beings. Muay Thai requires amazing flexibility, as well as mental toughness. In our Yoga class we work on relaxing the nervous system by holding various postures (also called asanas) for extended periods of time, so that the central nervous system becomes relaxed, and your flexibility increases. To train the nervous system, we use our mind as a tool to condition the body to become stronger, achieving superior mental and physical strength.



Fighting Fit:

This class consists of high intensity conditioning to get you in fight shape. This fast paced class will challenge you both mentally and physically to push you past your comfort zone. A typical class includes pad rounds, kettlebell swings, ball slams, jump rope, partner drills, all with very little time to rest in between. We want to make you strong as an Ox, and fast as a cheetah. The intense pace of the class is then followed by a final 15 minutes of deep stretching / relaxation. Come and get fighting fit!

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