Khanomtom Nak Muay Level Two

Amateur Fighter aka J-Naw (No Apologies Willis)


Jennifer found Muay Thai seeking out a form of self-defense that would allow her to use all of her resources.  Muay Thai gives her the ability to use her hands, feet, knees and elbows effectively in a possible real-world situation.  When she was a traveling sales rep, Jen needed to have the confidence and knowledge to be able to protect herself from any would-be attacker.  She is passionate about family and investing her time in things that bring value to her life.


 “I enjoy the challenge of pushing myself, mentally and physically, to achieve things I never thought I could possibly do.”


Jen shares what she’s learned and her passion for the art of Muay Thai by helping her students achieve their goals.  Her experience training in Thailand and fighting in the ring has given her a personal perspective of Muay Thai, a perspective she continues to pass onto others.