JMT Self Protection

Muay Thai originated on principles that are key to self-protection. However, the modern ring sport is very different from situations that one might encounter out in the world. We’re excited to present Reality Muay Thai, a new weekly class featuring the principles of Muay Boran. This ancient martial art, developed on the battlefield, is the root from which the sport of Muay Thai grew. Reality Muay Thai will focus on real-world applications of Muay Boran and elements of Muay Thai specifically for JMT students.


Several times a year we also offer seminars for men and women, teens through adults, that make a clear distinction between sport and real-life situations. Our in- depth workshops center on self-protection principles developed by world- renowned expert Geoff Thompson. In addition to decades of self-protection training and nightclub security, Kru Giles worked directly with Geoff, whose teaching he shares with JMT members and non-members alike. These workshops are reality- based, discussing extreme violence and what it takes to survive. Follow Jax Muay Thai on Facebook and Instagram for the latest announcements on upcoming seminars.


JMT Self-Protection Seminars


For women ages 16 and up, discover tested and proven strategies to:

  • Successfully read situations and avoid potential danger
  • Use dialogue, Deception, Distraction to escape situations
  • Simple physical techniques to to allow quick escapes
  • Last resort “animal” techniques to survive real-world violence.


For men ages 16 and up, learn how to:

  • Increase situational awareness
  • Understand how criminals work
  • Avoid and de-escalate confrontation
  • Use “The Fence” and verbal sparring
  • Line up and use pre-emptive strikes
  • Handle multiple attackers
  • Deal with weapons
  • Use last resort techniques
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