Khanomtom Nak Muay Level One

Professional Fighter (2-3)


Josh found Muay Thai when he was searching for a martial art that involved stand up/striking.  After watching Muay Thai videos on Youtube he was impressed the brutality and effectiveness of the sport in the ring and on the street.  He loves the respect and discipline of Muay Thai as well as the technique and style.


 “I love that, for the most part, it’s a very egoless sport and martial art.”


Next to riding his 1974 Honda cafe racer, Muay Thai is his life.  Almost all of his training has been in Thailand, the mecca of Muay Thai, which gives him a deep understanding of the traditional Thai style.  Josh brings the experience of his professional and amateur record to his classes.  He’s determined to pass on his understanding of the strategy of techniques and why they are used, rather than just the mechanics.