Junior Testing

JMT Junior Muay-Thai Prajad Levels

Although it is not traditional to have belt levels or gradings in Muay Thai, at Jax Muay Thai we believe it is important for children to see clear signs of their progression in the martial arts and to learn how to set goals and work towards them in a structured and disciplined manner.


A Prajiad is a traditional small band of cloth worn around the biceps of a Thai fighter that has a deep symbolic meaning and is often blessed by a monk. Traditionally, the Prajiad was composed of fabric from a dress and/or strands of hair belonging to the mother of the boxer; it is believed to help the thai fighter avoid injury or fatality,  and  to increase  their confidence in battle.


We have 3 Prajiiad testings a year. early spring, late summer and winter.


There are 12 Prajiad Levels in the Jax Muay Thai junior system, once you have tested level one and showed focus and good behavior you are eligible to start sparring drills, once you’ve tested Level 3 you are eligible to start sparring.


Before testing students must show discipline and focus in class and always abide by the Junior Code of Conduct!


MT Junior Code of  Conduct

  1. Always respect your parents, instructors/teachers, classmates, and yourself.
  2. When you enter Jax Muay Thai you are entering a classroom and should treat it as such. Place your shoes and bags in a cubby or on a shelf then sit and wait quietly until class starts. After class clean any pads you used. hang them up then promptly leave the mat.
  3. Listen to your instructor/coach in class and always address them with respect as Coach “Steve” or Coach “John”or Coach “Zach”, and Kru or Coach Giles.
  4. No bullying, intimidation, smack talk, or harassment of any sort will be tolerated. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  5. Respect your own and the gym’s equipment. Clean it after use and return it to its correct place. Children in Thailand often don’t have any gloves or running shoes – recognize how incredibly fortunate you are.
  6. Always wear your Jax Muay Thai uniform to class: JMT shirt and Muay Thai shorts and remember your gloves.
  7. We want you to have fun but being a clown is disrespectful to the art of Muay Thai, your instructors and your parents who pay for your training. There is to be no falling over, no tripping or pushing other students, and no messing around during class.

Level One (White Prajiad)


Demonstrate Wai (bow)

Where is Muay Thai from?

1x 2 minute round on the pads 

Last 10 seconds power punches


Sign of  respect (wai)

Good stance and guard

Balance, composure and focus


The following techniques:

  1. Jab/Cross evade combination
  2. The first 2 Power Punch combos (cross,hook,cross) (uppercut, hook, cross)  
  3. Strong round kicks with return to stance and guard
  4. Strong teeps 


Level Two (Yellow Prajiad)


1 x 2 minute round on the pads 

Last 10 seconds power punches



  1. All basic techniques with improved technique over Level One
  2. Power punch combination 3 (Overhand, uppercut, overhand)
  3. Demonstrate checking and evading a round kick
  4. High guard and good smooth footwork
  5. Balance and composure under pressure


Level Three (Yellow/White Prajiad)


1 x 3 minute rounds


Demonstrate: All basic technique plus

  1. Long long knee
  2. Long knee
  3. Curved knee in clinch
  4. Up elbow, rear cutting elbow combo 
  5. Countering after checking or evading kick 
  6. Crocodile whips tail
  7. 10-10 at end of each round


Level Four (Green Prajiad)


Sealing the Ring

2 x 2 min rounds on pads


Demonstrate: Excellent technique – starting and finishing all techniques with good stance, good  high guard and balance

  1. Evading, checking and basic catches of kicks
  2. Countering off the evasion, check or catch
  3. Clinch knees on the pads
  4. Lead hand combinations (jab, cross, hook) (hook, cross, hook) (uppercut, cross, hook)
  5. 30 seconds skip knees to finish rounds


Level Five (Green/White Prajiad)


2 x 3 minute rounds on pads with pressure

End each round finish with 20/20


Demonstrate: Superior technique:

  1. Elbow combos including clearing pad
  2. Basic clinch
  3. Defense against round kick and teep plus counter
  4. Power, focus and balance


Level Six (Blue Prajiad)


Sealing Ring, Wai Kru,

2 x 3 minute rounds

Each round finishes with 20/20



  1. Excellent technique, power and focus
  2. Balance, composure – Sabai/Sabai
  3. No superfluous Movement
  4. First  move in elbow counter series
  5. First  moves in teep feint series


Level Seven  – Junior Instructor (Red Prajiad)


Sealing the ring, was kru first part of Ram Muay

2 x 3 minute rounds – each round starts with  5,4,3,2,1



  1. Power and focus
  2. Good defense and counter
  3. Catch and dump off round kicks and teeps
  4. First 2 moves in elbow counter series
  5. First 2 moves in teep feint series
  6. Hold pad round for other Youth 


Level Eight – Junior Instructor Level One (Red/White/Blue Prajiad)


Full Ram Muay

2×3 minute rounds – each round starts 10 pushups and 10/10



  1. Advanced technique and power

2) Assist with teaching Mini Muay Thai

3) 5 hand positions in clinch 

4) First 3 moves in elbow counter series

5) First 4 moves in teep feint series


Level Nine (Brown Prajiad)


1 x 3 mins Pad round



  1. Advanced technique, power and composure under pressure
  2. Demonstrate 3 dumps from catching a kick
  3. 1 round of clinch
  4. 1 round of kick for kick sparring


Level Ten (Brown/Black Prajiad)


1 x 3 minute pad round

1 x 3 minute sparring 


Level Eleven (Black Prajiad)


Entire Ram Muay

Muay Boran Demo – to include but not limited to jumping knees, jumping elbows, crocodile whips tail, at least one take down/throw, good forward break fall.

1 pad round with power including Muay Boran techniques 


Level Twelve (Red/Black Prajiad)


1 Pad Round (3mins) – expect power and composure throughout 

Elbow counter series (1-5)

1-2 counter series (1-5)

Southpaw series (1-5)

3 effective dumps from clinch

1 sparring round with instructor 

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