Khanomtom Nak Muay Level One

Amateur Fighter aka Alfie (The Enforcer Alford)


Katie was introduced to Muay Thai by her neighbor, Jen.  Her response to her neighbor’s description: “Sweet!  I get to hit stuff.  Sign me up!”  From day one picturing herself in the ring to 3 fights and two years later she’s still training, loving every bit of it.


 “What’s not to love!  It takes guts, and the heart of a warrier to learn this sport.”


A natural competitor, she loves to push herself through her training, always learning new things.  Her goal is to be a better version of herself and be a strong, positive influence for her daughter showing her that “strong is the new beautiful.”  Alfie wants her students to work hard, to learn something new in every class and have fun at the same time.  A teacher of 12 years, she loves helping others learn and finds happiness through it.