Khanomtom Nak Muay Level Two

2016 TBA National Champion, 2017 TBA B-Class National Champion, 2017 IKF National Champion

After training Taekwon-Do in the Virgin Islands, Omar Lee moved to Jacksonville with a desire to get back into martial arts. During a weekend trip to Houston, Omar went to a Muay Thai show and immediately fell in love with the art of 8 limbs, from the Thai traditions to how beautiful the fights are down to the kindness of Muay Thai practitioners.

“JMT is an awesome gym, the environment is so friendly and my training partners are amazing. You learn something from everyone and Giles is just as passionate about Muay Thai as me, if not more.”

As an instructor, his main goal is helping people to be the best they can be.  Omar wants his students to see the beauty in the violence and to love the sport as much as he does.  Always willing to learn himself, his 10+ years in martial arts and his training with the best in the world in Bangkok drives his obsession with training the students at JMT.