Khanomtom Junior Nak Muay Level 9

Mini Muay Thai Head Instructor

Ninja training started as a baby for Sabine.  At the age of 3 years old, she moved on to Muay Thai at JMT.  It became a second home to her.  Having fun learning and hitting pads with her dad is what love to do.

 “ When I’m not smashing the pads, I love creating art.”

Sabine is not alone.  A number of the best Muay Thai fighters are also artists.  She’s trained in the US and Thailand with some of the best Thai fighters and coaches like Ajarn Sanong, Lamsongkram, Ajarn Monlit, and Pongsakorn Srithep.  Through her schooling at Montessori schools, she has become a mentor and a role model.  When teaching, Sabine makes her class fun and engaging, at the same time, her young students are learning self-control and discipline.