Kru Muay Neung Khan

(Khanomtom Level One Instructor)

Khanomtom Nak Muay Level Two

Amateur Fighter aka Scuba Steve

After training in submission wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Steve pursued Muay Thai to be more involved with striking.   The history of Muay Thai, being both beautiful and brutal is what drew Steve to JMT.

 “JMT is the only gym, that I know of, in Jacksonville that trains Muay Thai and keeps the style and traditions true to the art.  I can’t imagine training anywhere else.”

Steve incorporates his faith in God and the training of Muay Thai to help him become more in tune and centered into the person he is intended to be.  He desires to spread the art of Muay Thai by teaching others.  He teaches from experience.  Four years and counting, Steve has been striving towards his goals knowing there’s always room to grow.  He has since received his Level 1 and 2 Nak Muay certificates as well as passing the level 1 instructor test in the Khanomtom system.  Through his fights and his plans to fight in the future, he hopes to earn the right to be called a coach.