Ajahn Suchart Seminar at Tampa Muay Thai

ajahn suchart

On March 29th a group of us headed across to our sister school, Tampa Muay Thai, for a seminar with Ajahn Suchart from Siam #1 Gym in Toronto. For those of you not familiar with Ajahn he was a champion with over 200 fights in Thailand and has been producing champions in Canada for the last 20 years. His current World Champions include the unbeaten Simon Marcus and Matt Embree.

The seminar focused on Muay Thai fundamentals and the importance of having a strong foundation before you can build your Muay Thai. It was also very interesting listening to Ajahn talk about the history of Muay Boran and Thai Boxing, and the importance of keeping Muay Thai authentic and pure so as to not dilute it or disrespect it!

With that being said we will implement some changes at Jacksonville Muay Thai – everyone must please wear Thai Shorts by next month – this is our uniform and part of our heritage (plus they show off your legs and make your kicks more powerful). Please speak to me or one of the other instructors if you need help.

We will also get back to the martial root of Muay Thai and include a few minutes of Self-Defense applications of Muay Thai techniques in most classes.

Further, I will expand the History and Culture aspect of the website and include more Thai terminology in class.

Sawadee Krap

Kru Giles





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