Get fit without getting hit:

Real Kickboxing at Jax Muay Thai

Blast fat! Sculpt muscles! Torch calories!

Sounds great for anyone looking for a fun cardio workout. And kickboxing is great for all of the above—and it’s even better when correct technique leads to power development. Imagine using every muscle to the peak of its ability, and pushing that ability further with each class. And you don’t even have to worry about being on the receiving end of striking.

Boxing by itself is an amazing workout. Add kicks and knees, and you get a dynamite package. The powerful muscles of the hips and lower body demand a huge amount of energy; thus kicking and kneeing the heavy bag and pads will shoot the heart rate up. Added benefits include strong, lean legs and improved balance and flexibility. Not to mention the fun of unleashing your inner Bruce Lee.

Studies have shown that a correctly structured kickboxing workout can burn up to 800 calories per hour—almost twice as much as running for the same period. The massive calorie burn in kickboxing happens because the heart rate is elevated much more quickly than in many other activities. But you’re having so much fun you don’t realize how hard you’re working. The short, intense bursts of anaerobic activity associated with this type of training lead to EPOC, or Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption. This process can lead to a dramatically increased metabolism for the few hours following the class, meaning you keep burning more calories when you’re back at work or even at home relaxing.

So how does this translate in the gym? The typical Real Kickboxing class starts with one round of movement prep, or flexibility exercises. One round of jump rope raises the heart rate and builds leg strength. We shadow box for two rounds, focusing on specific techniques that we’re going to use that day. Then it’s off to the bags for punch drills, knee drills, kick drills, and combination work.

Most importantly, we always include at least one round with the trainer on the pads. We wrap up the bag rounds with the speed bag and floor-to-ceiling bag.

After the bags it’s time for Fighters Conditioning work—expect lots of bodyweight calisthenics, kettlebells and battling ropes with a huge focus on abs. It’s a workout designed to give you that lean, flexible fighter’s body. And of course it wouldn’t be Real Kickboxing without a challenging stretch session to finish things off.

You may be wondering, what is the difference between Real Kickboxing at Jax Muay Thai, and kickboxing at all the other cardio kickboxing franchises out there?

First, the classes are taught by legitimate experienced martial artists with many years of training and teaching, not just people who completed a weekend certification. The course is designed by JMT head instructor Giles Wiley, whose qualifications include a degree in Exercise Physiology, 28 years of competing and training in martial arts around the world, and more than 25 years in the fitness industry.

Most importantly, we truly believe that correct technique is crucial to a safe and effective workout. As the name says, this is Real Kickboxing—we don’t water it down and dilute the technique. You’re going to actually train in a real martial art with correct form, so that as you get fitter, leaner and stronger you also become more powerful, confident and focused. Mastering the correct technique is exactly what earns you the fighter’s body—all without being hit. And exactly what makes Real Kickboxing so much fun!

– Kru Giles Khanomtom

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